About us

The idea to create my brand didn’t come up yesterday. 

Deep down, I was a fashionista without the courage to persuade my passion since the best dressed Barbie doll owner times in our neighborhood. When the world was hit by storm last year, and I happened to be one of many who were suddenly in need of a career change, I didn’t think twice.

Looking at the overflowing closet of mine (as I used to be an addicted shopaholic), always on a chase for something new, different, outstanding but not necessarily seasonally trendy, commence to create a vision of what my addition to the fashion market will be. 

Back to Dubai, where cultures meet and mix, and inspiration to create swimwear with a fresh vibe to suit its cosmopolitan clientele was on my mind together with the wish to create a unique and unforgettable design for an extraordinary woman who is daring to stand out.

So, nine months later, here we are. SASSY TO DIVINE, your online swimwear address promoting sustainable fashion accessible all year round to add to your weekend or vacation suitcase.

Remember, the sun is always shining someplace.


SASSY – vigorous, lively, distinctively smart, and stylish 

DIVINE – godlike, extremely good, pleasant, or enjoyable 

Created to unleash your inner goddess for women elegant and sophisticated because true beauty is immortal. No matter what age, shape, or size you are. Our designs embrace, honor, and display your femininity. 

We like to keep our designs classic with a little bit of an edge by using vibrant art prints to make a statement.

The high-quality fabrics are offering great support by their nature and the versatility of designs contributes to a slow fashion movement.